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At Century Saw and Marine Ltd we offer a wide selection of both gas and battery powered power tools to do the job.

Come in today to check our wide selection of items and experience the STIHL Product.  More information on STIHL products available @ STIHL.CA



STIHL Battery Products


Battery Operated products come with a 3 year manufacturer warranty on all products purchased for home use





Battery Chain Saw





GTA26 Battery Pruning Saw

10.8 V Li-Ion, 4 inch bar and chain, 2.6 lb


MSRP: $229.99

GTA 26 GTA 26

Battery Chain Saw



MSA120 C-BQ Battery Chain Saw

36 V, 2.5 kg, 5.5 lb 


MSRP: $469.99 

SAVE $70  NOW $399.99

The MSA 120 C-BQ is a lightweight battery chain saw for grounds maintenance and smaller jobs. This unit comes equipped with a STIHL ROLLOMATIC® E ‘Mini’ 12" guide bar and STIHL’s tool-less Quick Chain Adjuster. This unit also comes with STIHL’s Quickstop® ‘Super’ chain brake for improved safety. Includes the AK 20 battery and AL 101 charger.

MSA 120 C-BQ


Battery Chain Saw





MSA140 C-BQ Battery Chain Saw

36 V, 2.5 kg, 5.5 lb 


MSRP:  $519.99

SAVE $70  NOW $449.99

Lightweight cordless chainsaw for grounds maintenance and straightforward but skilled manual jobs. 25% more cutting performance compared to the MSA 120 C-BQ. Soft handle, quick and convenient chain change process due to STIHL Quick Chain Tensioning, QuickStop® Super chain brake, oil tank with transparent viewing window, high cutting performance due to a 1/4" PM3 saw chain. With battery AK 30 and charger AL 101. MSA 140 C-BQ

Battery Trimmer



FSA45 Battery Trimmer

18 V Li-Ion, 5.5 lb

MSRP: $199.99 

SAVE $20  NOW $179.99       


The FSA 45 battery trimmer is perfect for simple trimming work around the home and garden. The unit comes with an integrated 18 V lithium-ion battery with charge level indicator and tool-less adjustable shaft. The loop handle can be positioned to six working angles over an arc of 120º. The pivoting cutting head can be set to four different angles up to 48º.


FSA 45

Battery Trimmer



FSA57 Battery Trimmer

36 V, 5.7 lb


MSRP:  $309.99 (includes AK10 battery & AL101 charger)

SAVE $40  NOW $269.99

The FSA 57 is a lightweight battery trimmer with great trimming performance. This unit is more ergonomic and the shaft length is customizable to user height preference with only a push of a button. The working angle of the loop handle is adjustable without the use of tools and the mowing line will automatically advance when the mowing head is tapped on the ground.

FSA 57

Battery Trimmer



FSA86 Battery Trimmer

36 V, 7.1 lb


MSRP:  $349.99

Powerful cordless brushcutter in an advanced design, for mowing work around obstacles as well as trees and shrubs. Cutting circle diameter 350 mm. Ergonomic control handle with infinitely variable speed control loop handle, sturdy aluminium shaft, and spacer bracket. With AutoCut C 6-2 nylon mowing head. Alternatively, the PolyCut 6-2 mowing head with plastic blades is available as an accessory.

FSA 86 R

Battery Blower



BGA45 Battery Blower

18 V Li-Ion, 235 CFM, 4.5 lb

MSRP: $199.99 

SAVE $20  NOW $179.99    

The BGA 45 is a lightweight battery battery blower great for cleaning small outdoor areas. This unit comes with a round nozzle and an integrated 18 V battery with charge level indicator.

BGA 45

Battery Blower



BGA57 Battery Blower

36 V, 365 CFM, 4.9 lb


MSRP:  $309.99 (includes AK20 battery and AL101 charger)

SAVE $40  NOW $269.99

The BGA 57 is an ergonomically balanced, lightweight battery blower designed to complete projects with comfort and ease. This unit comes with a round nozzle and soft handle. The three-setting, length-adjustable blower tube is great for achieving optimum blowing force while in use.

BGA 57

Battery Blower



BGA86 Battery Blower

36 V, 459 CFM, 6.2 lb

MSRP: $359.99       Unit only

The BGA 86 is a powerful portable cordless blower that is easy to operate. Simply switch on the blower to instantly benefit from outstanding cordless blowing power. Air stream and blowing intensity can be adjusted in infinite variables using the convenient switch lever. Leaves, cuttings and waste are cleaned quietly and powerfully from all surfaces in an instant.

BGA 86

Battery Hedge Trimmer



HSA25 Battery Shrub Shears

10.8 V, 1.6 lb

MSRP: $189.99 

Avid gardeners, land owners and nurseries will reap the benefits of the HSA 26 battery shrub shears. Powered by a 10.8 V rechargeable battery, it provides 28 Wh of energy with a battery runtime of 110 minutes. Designed with an ergonomically shaped control handle that’s perfectly balanced so that users have full control of the HSA 26. The charge status indicator with LED light advises about the remaining battery capacity at any time. Equipped with a shrub cutter to trim and maintain small evergreen hedges and ornamental trees, as well as a grass trimmer for cutting grass around the garden and patio edges. Excellent cutting performance with dual cutting blades. 

HSA 26

Battery Hedge Trimmer



HSA45 Battery Hedge Trimmer

18 V-Li-ion, 5.1 lb

MSRP: $199.99

SAVE $20  NOW $179.99     

The lightweight HSA 45 battery hedge trimmer with great cutting performance for trimming shrubs and bushes in the yard. This model comes with a double-sided cutter blade, screw-on tip protector and an integrated 18 V battery with charge level indicator.

HSA 45

Battery Hedge Trimmer 



HSA56 Battery Hedge Trimmer

36 V, 6.4 lb

MSRP: $389.99       ( includes AK10 battery & AL101 charger)

The HSA 56 is a lightweight battery hedge trimmer with great cutting performance for projects around the home. This unit comes with a special double-sided cutter designed with integrated cut protection and blade-tip sheath. The reduced weight produces less vibration for greater user comfort.

HSA 56

Battery Lawn Mower



RMA460 Battery Lawn Mower

19" Deck Width, 36V, 57.3lb

MSRP: $699.99   (includes AK30 battery & AL300 charger)

The RMA 460 battery-powered lawn mower has an 19" deck width and three mowing options including mulch, side discharge and rear bag. The RMA 460 can be powered with the AK 20 or AK 30 battery. This unit features an ECO model to conserve power when not required. This unit also has an extra storage slot for a spare battery.

RMA 460

Battery Lawn Mower



RMA460V Self-Propelled Battery Lawn Mower

19" Deck Width, 36V, 59.5 lb

MSRP: $849.99    (includes AK30 battery & AL300 charger)

Part of the AK battery series, the RMA 460 V self-propelled lawn mower features an 19" deck width that is a great option for small to medium-sized yards under a half acre. This unit comes with all of the same features as the walk behind version of the RMA 460.

RMA 460 V

Battery Lawn Mower



RMA510 Battery Lawn Mower

21" Deck Width, 36V, 61.7 lb


STIHL’s RMA 510 battery lawn mower is great for working on large lawns. This unit features a 7-level cut height adjustment, 21" deck width and convenient side ejection when mowing and mulching. The unit holds two AP batteries, one while in use and one for storage.

RMA 510

Battery Lawn Mower



RMA51V Self-Propelled Battery Lawn Mower

21" Deck Width, 36V, 63.9 lb

MSRP:$979.99 (includes AP300 battery & AL300 charger)

The RMA 510 V battery lawn mower is the self-propelled version of the RMA 510 lawn mower and comes with all the same features. Featuring a 21" deck width giving homeowners the performance of a gasoline-powered mower without any of the inconvenience.

RMA 510 V


STIHL Gas Products

Gas powered products come with a 1 year manufacturer warranty purchased for home use and may be increased to an additional year with the purchase of a 6 pack of Stihl mix oil



STIHL Chain Saws for Property Maintenance       *Home Series




MS170, 30.1 cc, 8.6 lb


MSRP: $299.99     

SAVE $100  NOW $199.99

MS 170

MS180 C-BE, 31.8 cc, 9.3 lb with Easy2Start

MSRP: $389.99     

SAVE $40  NOW $349.99

MS 180 C-BE

MS250, 45.4 cc, 10.1 lb




MSRP:  $479.99     

SAVE $30  NOW $449.99

MS 250

MS250C-BE, 45.4 cc, 10.8  lb with Easy2Start




MSRP: $549.99 

MS 250 C-BE




STIHL Chain Saws for Farming & Landscaping           * Semi-Pro Series


MS271, 50.2 cc, 12.3 lb


MSRP $619.99   

SAVE $70  NOW $549.99

MS 271


MS291, 55.5 cc, 12.3 lb


MSRP $629.99   


MS 291

MS391, 64.1 cc, 14.1 lb




MSRP: $879.99

SAVE $130  NOW $749.99

MS 391

MS291CBE, 55.5 cc, 13.7 lb


MSRP $719.99 




STIHL M-Tronic Chain Saws for Forestry           * Pro Series




MS261 C-M 50.2 cc  10.8 lb

MSRP: $849.99


MS 261 C-M




  MS362 C-M 59.0 cc  12.4 lb

MSRP: $1129.99

MS 362 C-M


MS400 Magnesium Piston

MSRP: $1259.99

MS 400 C-M

MS500i Fuel Injected

MSRP:  $1859.99

SAVE $186

NOW $1673.99

MS 500i






STIHL Arborist Chain Saws


MS 194T 31.8 cc  7.3 lb 



MS 194 T

MS 201T C-M 35.2 cc  8.2 lb 


MS 201 TC-M



STIHL Woodsman Carrying Case

STIHL Woodsman Carrying Case 

MSRP:  $56.99

Protect your saw during transportation and facing the elements. Durable construction with removable bar scabbard for storing or carrying your chain saw. Fits MS 170 to MS 391 with up to a 20” bar along with MSA models (excludes MSE, T and wrap-handle versions). 

Woodsman® Carrying Case



STIHL Grass Trimmers - Curved Shaft


FS38, 27.2cc, 9.2 lb


MSRP:  $229.99 

SAVE $50  NOW $179.99         

FS 38

FS40 C-E, 27.2cc, 9.9 lb


MSRP:  $279.99         

SAVE $30  NOW $249.99

FS 40 C-E





STIHL Brushcutters- Straight Shaft 


FS56RC Loop Handle 27.2 cc, 10.6 lb


MSRP:  $339.99 

SAVE $40  NOW $299.99

FS 56 RC-E


FS56C Bike Handle 27.2 cc, 11.5 lb


MSRP:  $379.99     

SAVE $30  NOW $299.99     

Also availabe with optional grass cutting blade ($23.49) and guard  ($44.99)

FS 56 C-E

FS70R Loop Handle 27.2 cc, 10.4 lb


MSRP:  $449.99 

SAVE $50  NOW $399.99

FS 70 R


FS91R Loop Handle 28.4 cc, 12.1 lb


MSRP:  $569.99     

SAVE $70  NOW $499.99

FS 91 R

FS91 Bike Handle 28.4 cc, 12.8 lb


MSRP:  $599.99       

SAVE $50  NOW $549.99    

Also availabe with optional wood cutting blade ($28.95) and guard  ($50.99)

FS 91

FS111  Bike Handle 31.4 cc, 12.8 lb


MSRP: $659.99

Also availabe with optional wood cutting blade ($28.95) and guard  ($50.99)


FS 111

FS240  Bike Handle 37.7 cc, 15.4 lb 


MSRP:  $889.99

Also availabe with optional wood cutting blade ($28.95) and guard  ($50.99)

FS 240



STIHL Clearing Saw



FS460 C-EM K, 45.6 cc, 18.5 lb

MSRP:  $1529.99  Includes X-TREEM Harness

SAVE $153  NOW $ 1376.99


FS 460 C-EM K

XTreem Harness

FS561 C-EM, 45.6 cc, 18.5 lb

MSRP:  $1849.99 Includes X-TREEM Harness

SAVE $185   NOW $1664.99

FS 561 C-EM

XTreem Harness





STIHL CUTQUIKS - Cutt Off Machine


TS 420 14" Wheel Cut-Off Machine

66.7 cc; 3.2KW output


TS 420








STIHL Gas Powered Handheld Blowers


BG50 Handheld Blower, 27.2 cc, 7.9 lb

MSRP:  $239.99       

SAVE $60  NOW $179.99

BG 50

BG56 C-E Handheld Blower,

27.2 cc, 9.3 lb, Easy2Start System

MSRP:  $299.99

SAVE $40  NOW $269.99

BG 56 C-E



STIHL Gas Vacuum Shredder/Blower with Easy2Start


SH56 C-E Handheld Blower / Vac/shredder, 27.2cc, 11.5 lb, Easy2Start System


MSRP:  $329.99        

SAVE $30  NOW $299.99

SH 56 C-E

SH 56 C-E




STIHL Gas BackPack Blower


BR 200 Gas backpack Blower, 27.2cc, 12.6 lb


BR 200

BR 200




STIHL Gas Hedge Trimmers


HS46C-E Hedgetrimmer, 21.4 cc, 9.5 lb


MSRP: $569.99

HS 46 C-E


HS56 Hedgetrimmer, 21.4 cc, 9.9 lb


MSRP: $619.99



HS 56





STIHL Pole Pruners


HT56 C-E Pole Pruner, 27.2 cc, 14.7 lb

MSRP:  $549.99            

HT 56 C-E

HT135 Pole Pruner, 36.3 cc, 17.4 lb

MSRP:  $999.99

HT 135





STIHL Pressure Washers


RB200 Gas Pressure Washer

2500 psi, 8.7 L/min


MSRP:  $719.99

SAVE $20  NOW $699.99

RB 200

RB400 Dirt Boss Gas Pressure Washer

2700 psi, 10.3 L/min


MSRP:  $949.99

SAVE $50  NOW $899.99

RB 400 Dirt Boss®








STIHL MM 56 Yard Boss & Accessories


MM56 Yard Boss

27.2 cc, 17 lb with Pick Tines

(and wheel kit at no additional charge)


YARD BOSS®  Engines

BK-MM Bolo Tines


BK - MM Bolo Tines

FS-MM Trimmer



Image of FS-MM Trimmer Attachment

FC-MM Edger


FC - MM Edger

RL-MM Aerator


RL - MM Lawn Aerator

MF-MM Dethatcher


MF - MM Lawn Dethatcher

KB-MM Bristle Brush


KB - MM Bristle Brush

KW-MM STIHL PowerSweep


KW - MM PowerSweep™

BF-MM Pick Tines


BF - MM Pick Tines

MM Weight Kit


MM Weight Kit






STIHL KombiEngines 

Tackle numerous tasks without having to store bulky equipment. Choose one powerful engines, then select the appropriate KombiTools to create a custom lawn care system.

KM56 RC-E, 27.2 cc, 9.5 lb

MSRP:  $329.99     

SAVE $30  NOW $299.99

KM 56 RC-E

KM 91 R, 28.4 cc, 9.7 lb

MSRP:  $499.99 

SAVE $30  NOW $469.99    

KM 91 R

KM111 R, 31.4 cc, 9.7 lb

MSRP:  $549.99     

KM 111 R

KM131 R, 36.3 cc, 9.7 l

MSRP: $599.99 

KM 131 R



STIHL KombiTools 

Want to get more done in your garden? Everything is possible with the STIHL KombiSystem: the hedge trimmer and pole pruner KombiTools give perfectly manicured results without breaking a sweat. In no time at all you can switch from one KombiTool to the other: loosen the plug connection with the tommy screw (disconnect the quick-release coupling), swap the KombiTool, snap in the quick-release coupling, tighten the tommy screw and it’s ready to roll. Everything’s done by hand, without the need for a special tool.


Curved Shaft Trimmer  


FSB - KM Curved Shaft Trimmer




BG - KM Blower


Line Head Trimmer



FS - KM Line Head Trimmer

HL-KM 0-145

Adjustable Hedge Trimmer  


HL - KM Adjustable Hedge Trimmer


Brushcutter with 4-Tooth Grass Blade



FS - KM Brushcutter with 4-Tooth Grass Blade


Pole Pruner


HT - KM Pole Pruner

FCB-KM Straight Lawn Edger


FCS - KM Straight Lawn Edger


Mini Cultivator


BF - KM Mini Cultivator


Curved Shaft Edger


FCB - KM Curved Lawn Edger


145 Adjustable Power Scythe


FH - KM Adjustable Power Scythe





KW - KM PowerSweep™


Bristle Brush


KB - KM Bristle Brush




RG - KM Reciprocator


Drive Tube Extension


KM Drive Tube Extension



STIHL Toy Chainsaw


Unleash the forester in your little one with this fun chain saw kid’s toy. Featuring a revolving rubber chain and chain saw noise with adjustable volume, they can practice their pruning and felling techniques until the sun goes down. Suitable for children above 3 years.

Toy Chainsaw

STIHL GardenGnome  $34.95  

Just what you need to complete your garden. This STIHL chain saw toting garden gnome will look right at home in any flowerbed.

Actual Height: 8"/20 cm





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